Quick fix for Neck Pain

Ok, here’s the latest quick self-fix i’ve discovered for sore and aching erector spinae muscles(not to rival self trigger point work with the Thera- cane…):  Take two tennis balls, tape them together but leave some of the crease between (duct tape works really well).
You now have a little wall massager.  Place it against a wall, move your back against the taped tennis balls so that the crease fits your spinous processes, and do wall squats, working and varying the pressure of the tennis balls to your desired intensity.  Feels really good if you can get some pressure inbetween the rhomboids, and if you’re good you can even work around the superior edges of the scap.
Then reposition lower and work into a lower squat (yep, watch your knees) and work some of the lower lumbar, multifidus muscle (this takes skill!).
Wha Lha! you have now discovered another effective self massage technique.  Don’t be suprised if your coworkers look at you funny as you piston up and down, making goofy, feel good faces. 

Paul Greear NCTMB
Nampa North