SLIERS, Project Play & Magic 93.1

Friday, August 8 was “Dan Tooker in the Morning’s Play Anything Day” to benefit “Project Play”.  From 6am to 6pm, Magic 93.1 listeners could call in and request any song on earth to be played for a $20 donation to “Project Play”, if they didn’t care for a song playing- they could kill it for $40, and to hear a song next is took a $50 donation to “Project Pay”.  It was a crazy day of music that included an hour straight of Twisted Sister, dozens of local artists, and everything from Hansen to Alvin and the Chipmunks.  Nothing was off-limits.  By 6pm,  SLIERS volunteers had answered hundreds of calls and Casey at Magic had edited hours of music by local artists to get it air ready.  But, it was all worth it!  “Project Play” is $6,500 closer to its goal!

“Project Play” is a community wide effort to get handicap accessible play equipment for Lakeview Park in Nampa, ID.  On September 27, 2008, there will be a dedication of the play equipment that will take place in conjunction with “Nampa Day of Play”.  There will be a huge community picnic and lots of fun for all!

Current sponsors for “Project Play” include: St. Luke’s * Idaho Elks Rehabilitation Services, Magic 93.1, St. Luke’s, Saltzer Medical Group, Paul Collins, MD, D.L. Evan’s Bank & we are hoping it will grow to many more!      


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