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Safe Setup at Work

Ergonomics: the study of work.

            The study of work is important for us to understand because there are many possible ways we can get hurt at work.  From the desk job to the construction site;  there are easy ways to reduce our risk for injury.

            OSHA or the “Occupation Safety and Health Administration” is a division of the Department of Labor focused on preventing injury, illness and death in the workplace.  It is a great resource to begin with if you are interested in learning more about ergonomics.

            Many injuries are preventable if we adapt our work places appropriately.  We must change the job site to fit our needs, instead of the other way around.  In the office be sure you are in good alignment when using the computer.  Sitting slouched at the computer is one of the most common ways to get an overuse injury (tendonitis, bursitis or impingement) in your shoulders.  Many diagrams and resources are available through and many other commercial websites.  These websites outline general tips to follow in different work settings to reduce the risk for a costly and time consuming injury.  There are many resources available for all kinds of jobs (office work, electrical contractors, shipping yards, etc).

            If you ever have questions about preventing work related injuries contact our SLIERS clinic on Americana at 706-7530.  We have many specialists available to assist employers and employees in preventing work related injuries.

Ski & Snowboard Conditioning

To all you skiers and snowboarders out there!!   Are you ready to hit the hills or do you need some “tuning up” like your skis?  
We are offering a sking/snowboarding injury prevention and training course that will help you to find what your weaknesses are that may lead to an injury and how to strengthen/stretch them to assure a fun and safe ski season.  
The course is 4 consecutive Wednesdays starting Oct. 22nd from 6:30-8:00 at our East Boise clinic (by Apple St. and Boise Ave.).   The first week entails an assessment period where you will be put to the test by Physical therapist and staff in coordination with what level of skiier you feel you are, and that will find your deficits to work on throughout the rest of the course.   The following weeks will have lectures about common skiing injuries from Orthropedic Sports Medicine Physicians and Physical Therapist as well as an introduction and progression through an exercise program to work on all areas for safety during skiing and boarding. 
The course cost is $20 including all sessions and materials.   Please contact the East Boise clinic for more information or to sign up at 208-336-0312.

Exercising for Lymphedema Guidelines

The lymphatic system and circulatory systems are greatly affected by active muscle contraction, which helps assist transport of lymph and blood supplies to tissues and organs.

·        Exercise only with the limb in a compression garment or wrap.

·        Include your Deep Abdominal Breathing before and after every exercise program.

·        Do not wear tight restricting clothing (eg.  Bra straps, tight underwear, etc.)

·        Perform each exercise in a slow, controlled manner.  If any exercise causes pain, decrease number of repetitions or do not perform that particular exercise.

·        Alternate each contraction of the muscle with equal time of full relaxation.

·        Progress exercises slowly as to avoid soreness.

·        After exercising, rest and elevate the limb for 15 to 20 minutes.

If you have just had/performed Manual Lymph Drainage massage you should rest 20-30 minutes before beginning exercises.

Sonja M. Maul PT, CLT-LANA

National Board Certified Lymphedema Therapist

Half-Cocked Bill’s Shuck Shuck Cornbread Chili Jam

Who else do you know that would have such an awesome party with such an awesome name?  SLIERS (with much assistance from the ‘fun committee”).  On October 10, the SLIERS family gathered out in Caldwell, Idaho for a chili feed, bonfire, donkey rides, music, treats (some children may still be awake) bouncy house, plenty of refreshments and good company.  Although we were a bit concerned when news came of snow in Boise.  Caldwell did not let us down.  We may have seen a little wind and drizzle, but our tents, heaters and fire kept us warm.  We were very happy to see all who attended.  Thanks for making our party a success!