Summertime Parenting Tips

Now that summer time is upon us, it is important to remember that all children will continue to need structure, as well as time to play and be a child!  Now that you are spending more time at home with your child it can be easy to become overwhelmed and frustrated.  Remembering to use a few simple, easy tips can make your precious time with your children more enjoyable over the next summer months!

Using Consequences to Change Behavior:

  • Consequences teach children to think and to learn that their actions lead to results, both positive and negative.
  • There are 2 kinds of consequences-positive and negative
    • Positive consequences are things people like and are willing to work on in order to obtain. Behavior that is followed by a positive consequence is more likely to occur again.
      • rewards and privileges
        • Activities
        • Small rewards/Food
        • People
        • Attention

o Negative Consequences are things people don’t like and want to avoid. Behavior that is followed by a negative consequence is less likely to occur again.

  • Taking away a privilege and adding chores
  • Time out

Bribe VS Rewards

  • It’s bribery when parents give consequences to stop children’s misbehavior, i.e. giving a child a candy bar when he is crying and screaming in the grocery store in order to be quiet.

Choosing a consequence:

  • The consequence has to be important to the child
  • Consequences are more effective if they occur immediately after the child’s behavior
  • Parents should be aware of the size of the consequences and try to give the smallest consequence that will work
  • link the consequence to the behavior

 Julie King, LCSW- Adult and Pediatric Counseling