Safe Setup at Work

Ergonomics: the study of work.

            The study of work is important for us to understand because there are many possible ways we can get hurt at work.  From the desk job to the construction site;  there are easy ways to reduce our risk for injury.

            OSHA or the “Occupation Safety and Health Administration” is a division of the Department of Labor focused on preventing injury, illness and death in the workplace.  It is a great resource to begin with if you are interested in learning more about ergonomics.

            Many injuries are preventable if we adapt our work places appropriately.  We must change the job site to fit our needs, instead of the other way around.  In the office be sure you are in good alignment when using the computer.  Sitting slouched at the computer is one of the most common ways to get an overuse injury (tendonitis, bursitis or impingement) in your shoulders.  Many diagrams and resources are available through and many other commercial websites.  These websites outline general tips to follow in different work settings to reduce the risk for a costly and time consuming injury.  There are many resources available for all kinds of jobs (office work, electrical contractors, shipping yards, etc).

            If you ever have questions about preventing work related injuries contact our SLIERS clinic on Americana at 706-7530.  We have many specialists available to assist employers and employees in preventing work related injuries.